Keystone Kids StarMakers 

​have appeared in over 250 performances since

May of 2011 at places such as:

Bloomsburg Nationals Car Show

Ocean City, NJ Boardwalk - Family Fun Night Northeast Fair


Wyoming Valley Mall

Pikes Creek Raceway

​Hi-Lites Motor Club Car Shows

Joe Nardone's Doo-wop Shows at the Kirby Center

Penns Hockey

Heller's Apple Festival

Moyers Grove Campground

Luzerne County Fair

Fine Arts Fiesta in Wilkes-Barre

Hazelton Downtown Car Cruise

Robas Family Farms 

Edwardsville Pierogi Festival

​Steamtown Mall

​Shawnee on the River Resort

Providence Place Assisted Living

Riverview Ridge Assisted Living

Pikes Creek Raceway

Providence Place Assisted Living

Highland Park Senior Living

American Cancer Society Telethon

Photo Gallery

Keystone Kids StarMakers



8/3 Ocean City, New Jersey - Family Fun Night on the Boardwalk - 7:00 - 10:00

8/12 Bloomsburg Nationals Car Show 1:00 pm

8/26 Wyoming Valley Mall - Back to School Event - 1:15 p.m.


9/12 Highland Park Senior Living

6:00 p.m

9/16 Pike's Creek Raceway Hi-Lites Car Show 4:00 pm

9/17 Children's Leukemia Motor Mania

Bloomsburg 12:00 noon

​9/23 Roba Family Farms - Doo wop Show - 4:30 - 6


10/14 Roba Family Farms - Halloween Show 4:30 - 6