Keystone Kids StarMakers 

​have appeared in over 200 performances since

May of 2011 at places such as:

Bloomsburg Nationals Car Show

Ocean City, NJ Boardwalk - Family Fun Night Northeast Fair


Wyoming Valley Mall

Pikes Creek Raceway

​Hi-Lites Motor Club Car Shows

Joe Nardone's Doo-wop Shows at the Kirby Center

Penns Hockey

Heller's Apple Festival

Moyers Grove Campground

Luzerne County Fair

Fine Arts Fiesta in Wilkes-Barre

Hazelton Downtown Car Cruise

Robas Family Farms 

Edwardsville Pierogi Festival

​Steamtown Mall

​Shawnee on the River Resort

Providence Place Assisted Living

Riverview Ridge Assisted Living

Photo Gallery



9/11  Minersville Spirit Day 1pm

9/13 Riverview Ridge Assisted Living Facility 

6 pm Doo-wop Show

9/17 Pikes Creek Raceway - Hi-Lites Motor Club Car Show 4 pm  Doo-wop Show

9/25  Roba Family Farms 4:30 pm

Doo-Wop Show


10/11 Highland Park Senior Center 6:30

10/15  Heller Orchards Apple Festival 1:00pm

10/30  Wilkes-Barre / Scranton Pens Hockey Game - National Anthem & Intermission Performance 

3:05 pm  


Keystone Kids StarMakers